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Screening Assessment


Parent interview

Clinical Assessment focusing on specific needs

Short Report with recommendations and intervention plan

This assessment focuses on specific areas of needs (e.g handwriting, or sensory processing, dressing, coordination).

Comprehensive Assessment


Pre-Assessment questionnaires

Parent interview

Teacher or school’s SENCO interview - if required Clinical assessment identifying the child’s OT needs Report with recommendations and intervention plan

This assessment can include a variety of standardised assessment tools and clinical observations to identify all OT needs (sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills, visual perception and self-care).

It can take place in clinic, home, school, or in all three setting, as appropriate.

Tribunal Assessment


Pre-assessment questionnaires

Parent interview

Liaison with other professionals involved.

Clinical assessment based on clinical observations, standardised and non-standardised assessment tools

Teacher or school’s Special Education Needs Coordinator Interview

School observation assessment

Contribution report for the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Attendance to tribunal if required (up to 4 hrs).

* Additional time will be charged at an hourly rate

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